about desi girl does makeup

The blurb: 
I spend my days working as a lawyer and my nights and weekends masquearding as a beauty blogger.  I'm a Londoner born and bred..

I'm a desi/brown/Indian girl who "does" makeup.  This blog is where I articulate (read ramble) about all kinds of beauty/haircare/skincare/fragrance products that happen to catch my eye.  I talk about both the good and the bad and why I like or dislike them.  I have a mixture of reviews, product swatches, my trials and tribulations (see what I did there?) with eye makep application and my neverending quest to be able to apply liquid eyeliner in a satisfactory manner.  Then we have my rambly posts..not much knowledge can be gleaned from these but they show the inner workings of my mind.

As the blog is "Desi Girl Does Makeup", I'm in the process of building up a dedicated section which focuses on Indian makeup and skincare.  This section will hopefully focus on products which are available on the Indian market (both products available in India and in the Indian supermarkets over here).  If you'd like me to feature your brand/products here, drop me an email at rhamnousia84@hotmail.co.uk or desigirldoesmakeup@hotmail.co.uk and I'll get back to you.   You can also tweet me (@rhamnousia84)!

I also have a dedicated a swatch section (The Swatch Files).  This came about because I was growing increasingly frustrated with being unable to find swatches of products on a darker skintone so I decided to start my own. 

The other not so important bits:
I like makeup and copious amounts of other things (toffee and Blackadder featuring highly on that list).  I'm also currently in love with scented candles, bronzer and liquid blushers.

What's this blog all about?
Take a cursory read and you'll see the things I talk about.  Usually whatever I think needs to be shared regarding beauty products...and then some extra rambling.  My blog features a mixture of products that I've either purchased myself or have been sent by PR bods.

If rambling and beauty stuff is your kettle of fish, stick around!
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